The Perfect Bloody Storm Is Coming: Tesla Buying Bitcoin

Be Brave Enough To Start a Conversation That Matters

Some conversations have the power to change the world.

  • Amazon dematerialized the storefronts; Facebook dematerialized our social network; Apple dematerialized mobile devices; Google dematerialized all kinds of libraries; Tesla is dematerializing the auto and energy industry; Bitcoin is dematerializing the monetary system.
  • Bitcoin becomes the first monetary network because it’s a synthetic safe-haven asset. It’s like all the good parts of the Gold, and it’s sitting on a gigantic network.
  • It has a 21 million coin cap/limit. After that, no more coins can be made. And it’s been secure for the last 12 years. It’s been adopted and regularized by congress and the monetary regulators as a legal asset.
  • Bitcoin is a savings account in cyberspace that’s available to 7.8 billion people where no politician can steal your money.
  • There’s inflation in bonds and stocks. There’s inflation in real estate and gold. The inflation measure that the central bank tracks are a market basket of consumer goods and services that not include the higher volatile food and energy. These are two separate worlds right now.
  • If you have something like Bitcoin and you can’t make any more of it, everybody wants it. It’s a simple concept, and it’s gonna double its value as central banks double their supply of money.
  • You can move one hundred million dollars of Bitcoin from New York to London in a few minutes and it’ll cost you $3. It would cost you one million dollars to do that with Gold.

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Final Thoughts

I am an eternal optimist.



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