Bitcoin’s Price Will Collapse — This is Why

demon slayer
6 min readJan 24, 2021


Photo by Zlatko Đurić on Unsplash

Did you buy some Bitcoin along it’s way to the stars? Congratulation. You’ll be rich soon if you’re not loaded already.

Or you may lose it all tomorrow.

Since Bitcoin, our economy, the current money system, is a zero-sum game. Meaning, in the end, we’ll all lose when we keep on going like this.

Now you probably think; Shut up, let me celebrate the latest parabolic erection of the flagship currency of the world.

And you’d be totally right. You are the winner of the market. You got it all right, hopped in at the right moment, followed your friend’s advice.

Here is my advice, not financial advice.

When you bought Bitcoin over $30K, chances are you will lose your money rather sooner than later. O yeah, the party might last a little longer, you might buy some more at $40k and watch some more moon boys YouTube videos.

Here is the reality check you don’t like to see.

The invisible hand of power is about to slap you in the face

Approximately 2% of accounts, the Bitcoin whales, own 95% of Bitcoin supply. Hey guys, just like in the real world out there. My guess is that 80% of Bitcoin buyers in the last weeks bought in from FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out.

But it’s a market you see.

A market consists of buyers and sellers, winners and losers. And at the end of the day, like in our economic system, the money will stick in the pockets of just that 2%, or less. The wales will bloat their golden steam above the water for just a short moment before they let the market collapse. Then they’ll hide again in the deep enjoying their invisible power.

The idea of Adam Smith that the market will self-correct, the laizzes faire attitude that, how utopian, will benefit all in society, stems from freakin’ 1776. It’s called the invisible hand in classic economics.

Well, I bet ya, the modern 21st century invisible hand of power is about to slap you in the face and you didn’t see it coming.

It’s called the invisible power in this world that understands the money-power game better than anybody else. It’s the hand that is playing a dangerous game with humanity at the moment.

It is the hand that is destroying family businesses and complete industries like travel and culture. It is the hand that will reset the system with a big bang, a stock market crash of crashes, just to introduce the long-awaited technocracy and state-run crypto’s.

Photo by Andrew Le on Unsplash

When you’re a retail FOMO buyer that just sold your house to buy Bitcoin at $26k, brace for impact.

Yes, I could be wrong, Bitcoin might surge to $40k or even $50K first, and you’ll laugh me in the face again. Did you have a look outside lately, from your home quarantine? Did you notice the world is slowly going to the shredders? What are your Bitcoins going to do about that?

What is sacred for you?

The private jets flying over Ibiza here aren’t quarantining. They are about the only planes that I see here.

The Zero-Sum Game isn’t fun playing

But lets get back to my main point. The zero-sum game. Ok, I will throw in a rather difficult quote from social philosopher Daniel Smachtenberger first, so you see where I’m heading.

“A lot of people when they think about what’s underneath all the problems in the world, they start to think about social architectures. One of the social architectures is this game theoretic race to the bottom type scenario. A very small number … can create a game dynamic that then everyone else is obligated to not just play but try to play to win.” — Daniel Smachtenberger

Yes, you are trying to win the money game. When Tesla, Facebook and Bitcoin go up, you got the illusion you are winning. This means, that some other people are loosing. Sadly, it’s a race to the bottom.

Imagine yourself standing with your suitcases full of money on the deck of our sinking economic Titanic and you realize your valises make a shitty lifeboat

The corrupted thing of our economic system is that it allowed just a tiny few people to become extremely good in these power dynamics. When you think further along this line, the system rewards the abuse of the system. It literally celebrates power-hungry sociopaths and all behaviour that feeds this race to the bottom, or as Daniel expresses this so eloquently

Power-seeking psychologies that don’t have psychology that restrains the use and abuse of power get more power … Ones who are either less oriented towards it or don’t want to use it harmfully create bases to have less of it, so the world ends up being run by sociopaths.” — Daniel Smachtenberger

Add up exponential technological growth, the fact that nobody can make sense of the world anymore that leads to the worst decision making in history, culture wars and narrative warfare, and we are heading for civilization collapse followed by mass extinction.

The siege of the Washington Capitol yesterday is the first sign of the inevitable civilization collapse.

Embrace what is sacred

Again you tell me to shut up, the world is a nasty place with winners and losers, it has always been and will always be. Just play the game and try to win your part of the cake.

Great when these are your ethics, but I am thinking of the children of this world, the sheer beauty of our existence, and the fact that an outdated system allowed a tiny few to feast on the carcasses of many.

And it is even about to get worse. And at the same time better.

The system doesn’t resonate any longer with what many people feel in their hearts. The inborn need of humans to support each other, to unite and thrive. To give freely back to what has been given to us. When was the last time you gave away half of your fortune? Or even 1%?

Coming back to Bitcoin for a moment, before I close my evangelistic prayer to embrace higher values to avoid extinction.

The stock market will crash, there will be a great economic reset. My latest guess is around March/April 2021, since than corona will come around again (as it always does for centuries now). O yeah, the trick is, obviously, that everything can be blamed on Corona, but that’s beside the point now.

The mother of crashes this year will drag Bitcoin down, that’s kind of inevitable. And the same people that manipulate markets are the same people that own that 5% of Bitcoin. Are you starting to see the light yet?

Your greed to have more, more, more, to win the game, since the system will reward that, will cause you to lose it all. And since we’ll all lose, what is the fun of the game?

By the way, I am not blaming you for this, it doesn’t make you a bad person. I lost many BTC following the same dynamics. I learned my lesson. Just kind of trying to warn you.

I am not here to spoil your Bitcoin euphoria, but in a way I am.

Work for the whole

Compare it to cancer. One cell decides to not work for the whole anymore and starts growing exponentially. The system will try to defend itself by destroying the cell, When this doesn’t work, that one cancer cell will end up destroying the body, and thus itself. So much for ego-centric cell growth.

We need to come back to a life where the lungs work together with the heart, where the organs and cells are not fighting each other.

Where the amazon can thrive and the seas can flourish, A place where whales are just beautiful sea creatures. Huge predators, yes, but part of nature.

A real whale can’t eradicate the lives of billions of people with a push on a SELL button in a corrupted market.

That’s the difference.

My, not financial advice; sell your wealth. Sell your Bitcoins now. Set up a doing good project, help your neighbour, be social, get out of your castle, help save the planet by embracing what is sacred for you.

Support the whole, the beautiful perfect organism that we, humans, are.