4 Great But Underrated AWS Services

1. CloudFormation

CloudFormation is a service that enables us to describe infrastructure as code. Infrastructure as code is a well-known practice to set out and manage IT infrastructure through the configuration files. With CloudFormation, we can define all required components and dependencies between them.

2. Trusted Advisor

Do you want to ensure that your system is security-compliant? Are you looking for cost optimization of your current setup? Trusted Advisor is what you need. It offers guidance on how to improve fault tolerance, increase performance and security, and reduce costs.

3. Cognito

Many websites provide an option to sign up and create an account. As developers, we know what it costs. The task is trivial but still requires a good amount of time to establish a user management system. Your users would like to have options not only to sign up and log in but also to update their profile or restore their password if they forget it.

4. X-Ray

The last service that is underutilized on AWS is X-Ray. It has the purpose of helping developers to debug and analyze distributed applications. This is useful for developers. In case of any issues with the running production system, X-Ray enables us to trace back all requests and responses between the components and identifies the issues or bottlenecks.


Starting from generic services such as S3 and ending with specific services for machine learning, Amazon Web Services have a lot to offer every digital business. Feel free to explore them and bring your company to the next level.



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